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The easiest way to supercharge developer productivity
  • A fast, easy way to learn new marketing skills.
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    Nice app, in a multiple languages, I start today with my company branding.

  • Highbrow is a learning platform that delivers bite-sized courses straight to people's inboxes every morning, that helps them form a daily micro-learning habit.

    People are busy and free time is rare, so our courses are 10 days long (you don’t get bored) and are broken down into 5-minute lessons (you can read them with your morning coffee).

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    Caveat Emtpore. Yes, I did sign up for it. Yes I did look at the conditions. I incorrectly diarised the month's trial ending date. I too…

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  • Primer

    No-nonsense, jargon-free marketing lessons (by Google)
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  • Creative Everywhere

    Creative Everywhere is an app to train your creative thinking with short and fun exercises.

    We built Creative Everywhere to become more innovative at work and imaginative in our daily lives!

    Research shows that innovative thinkers made creativity a habit: they practiced generating ideas, switching perspectives, and trying new things every day.

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  • Tenreads

    The ten best stories on the things you care about. Everyday!
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  • Knowledge Officer 2.0

    Have you ever wondered "What should I learn today?" We are hoping to build the product that gives you that answer based on your career goal, profile and learning style.

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