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Expand your knowledge universe in just 5 minutes a day

Highbrow is a learning platform that delivers bite-sized courses straight to people's inboxes every morning, that helps them form a daily micro-learning habit.

People are busy and free time is rare, so our courses are 10 days long (you don’t get bored) and are broken down into 5-minute lessons (you can read them with your morning coffee).

Antonio Martinez Baez- OSOM Co-Founder
Bite sized courses delivered to your inbox daily
Jonny Thaw- Side project procrastinator
I really liked some of the courses on Highbrow. A bit hit or miss, but it allows you to get slightly stuck into a single subject over a week or so EDIT: Just saw where you work.... well its a compliment i guess then at least?
Zavyalov Artem- Co-founder @Highbrow
Hi, I'm co-founder @goHighbrow. Thanks for posting, @wishblizz :) Highbrow is something to scratch my own itch. @janelimanskaya and I made Highbrow in order to help people expand their horizons and master new areas of knowledge daily, in less time than it takes to drink a coffee. I would really appreciate any feedback from you. Happy to answer any questi… See more
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The ten best stories on the things you care about. Everyday!

Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Try Tenreads, Ten best stories every day, from the topics you love.
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Tenreads is another great upcoming app that allows you to curate news just the way you like. 10 best stories on your favourite topics, condensed into 3 lines each, delivered to you.
Gokul- Founder and CEO, Likewyss
Oh, and Product Hunt is the first place we are opening up signups without a wait list. The feedback over email/Twitter/comments has been pretty wonderful. Thanks a lot guys. Keep spreading the awesomeness around. :)
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