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Box Breathe alternatives and competitors

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Box Breathe is a simple breathing meditation app with clean and intuitive, yet highly functional design. Breathing technique introduced by the app can be used:

- as a quick stress-relief meditation during the day

- by athletes - to restore normal breathing rhythm after a workout

- late into a sleepless night - box breathing helps to fight insomnia.

Top alternatives for Box Breathe

  • Headspace 2.0

    2 reviews
    Meditation made simple in just 10 minutes a day

    Great product to get focus in a world of noise

  • Calm

    4 reviews

    Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. Winner of Apple's Best App of the Year 2017. 🏆

    I love Calm. I've always struggled to adopt a steady meditation practice, but Calm makes it easy to form the habit!

  • Zenify

    Zenify was designed to enrich your life by periodically interjecting simple meditation assignments and mindfulness reminders into your everyday activities. These prompts will coach you to live with more awareness of the present moment. Tune in to your senses and install Zenify now (available in 10 languages)

  • Sit

    A simple meditation timer for iPhone
  • Smiling Mind

    Promotes mindfulness and meditation for young people
  • Open Dialogue

    2 reviews

    Open Dialogue is an artificially intelligent (A.I.) self-help program.

    As you talk with the program, you develop greater self awareness and the ability to address your challenges and opportunities more productively.

    The program will never tell you what to do. Instead, it creates an environment where you can discover these answers for yourself.

    I've only used it one day, but great experience so far! The program helped me to slow my thinking down a little, and call attention to diffe…

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  • Color Therapy

    Stress-relieving coloring books for adults
  • Thought Detox

    Writing your negative thoughts down on a piece of paper and then discarding them can help you find peace. Thought Detox brings this experience to your iPhone, letting you write out your thoughts and then release them — without storing or sending them anywhere.
  • BreatheIn

    Become better with BreatheIn
    If we breathe deeply, slowly, and regularly, our mind becomes calm. The concentration on our breathing makes us feel ourselves alive. You can unite your mind and body to work together with a help of breathing programs.
  • Bambú 2.0

    1 review
    Improve your life with relaxing sounds, sleep stories, a guided meditation course, pro meditations and a journal. All of these inside a solid app for iOS, Android, and an Alexa Skill. Currently available only for Spanish speakers.
  • Connected Breath

    3 reviews

    A meditation experience that synchronizes your breath with hundreds of people across the world

    - Daily reminders to join your group meditation

    - Designed for simplicity; connect in seconds

    - Develops foundational meditation habits

    - Original Music/Sound FX

    Maybe a nice to have, it would be cool to know where the other people are located.

  • Kipkam

    How was your day today? Did you have any trouble?

    1 minute a day. Invest it to the 'Deep Breathe Exercise' that will calm down you body and mind. Stress occurs regardless of place and time in the modern society.

    When you feel stuffy, start Kipkam and try breathing deeply.

  • Prana

    1 review
    Prana is a Sanskrit word that translates as “vital life force”. It helps you breath naturally and deeply with relaxing sounds and easy to follow graphics.
    This is the simplest way to breath easily, with sounds and visual assistance for keeping your breaths deep, and your mind clear.

    Could be nice if the length of time is adjustable.

  • Ohm App

    Ohm is a little fun app built for people who love music, meditation, or seeking relaxation from the busy life schedules. With a hybrid palette of handpicked soothing soundscapes that can be blended with your playlist, ie: songs or podcasts.
  • Squegg

    SQUEGG is the world's first unique, bluetooth-enabled smart squeeze ball that’s designed to help you improve your grip strength and relieve stress.

  • Four7Eleven

    Payment required
    Breathe 4 seconds in and 7 seconds out.
    Breathe consciously for 11 minutes a day and feel the positive effects of the 4-7-11 method. It is supposed to help against chronic stress, acute anxiety and problems falling asleep. Get reminded by the beautiful widget.
  • Enliven

    2 reviews
    Enliven is a collection of interactive experiences designed to bring focus to your breath and slow down your breathing. Use touch, motion, or your voice to control calming visuals and pace your breath.
  • Peace Chrome Extension

    Peace is a FREE Chrome Extension which helps you relax. With just one click, it opens up a browser window with soothing ambient music, inspirational quotes and beautiful rotating scenery. To use, simply plug in your headphones/earphones, hit the extension icon and enjoy. Great for taking a short 5-min break from work!

  • Breathe

    Breathe helps you relax, focus, and be present
    - 3 different breathing exercises with breath holding test
    - Set notifications to get breathe reminders
    - Guided breathing with the relaxing nature sound
    - Track your progress with intuitive charts
  • BreatheIn 2.0: Calm Breathing

    The concentration on our breathing makes us feel ourselves alive. You can unite your mind and body to work together with a help of breathing programs.