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Build your own SMS-based text bot

12 Alternatives to botwick

Chris Messina's personal bot! Learn, hunt, schedule, & more

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Chris Messina, developer experience lead at Uber and inventor of the hashtag, said back in January that 2016 is "the year of conversational commerce." Today, he's launching his own personal assistant chatbot, called MessinaBot. MessinaBot responds to people who message Messina on Facebook and can make appointments on his behalf.
Last week MessinaBot launched on Messenger. MessinaBot, one of the first public personal bots of its kind, was built by Olabot. It provides basic information about me and my interests, and can act like an automated concierge for simple requests like posting a product to Product Hunt or scheduling live chat office hours without requiring any intervention on m… See more
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Smart rule-based bot. For Browser & Node.

The simplest way to build a smart and customized rule-based bot conversation. It was made to run on Browser and Node. Integrate with any bot platform like Facebook Messenger and Telegram. You can create simple chatbots to your static page using javascript only or build it on

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Practice convos with Your Angry Uncle for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday because it’s a time to gather with relatives from afar. It’s also dreaded for the same reason.

Many of us aren’t accustomed to socializing with people who think differently from us, especially about politics. Before the big day, practice discussing a couple of difficult topics with Angry Uncle Bot. 🤖

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Dr. Karin Tamerius is the mind behind "Angry Uncle Bot," an interactive feature for the New York Times which simulates conversations between the user and their disagreeable relatives.
7 Alternatives to Angry Grandpa Bot
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