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Predict your wait time at U.S. airports borders

The goal of BorderWait is to make it easier to predict how long do you are you expected to wait when landing at a major US airport. The idea originated from seeing the massive amount of data available from the AWT website that is not easily readable.

10 Alternatives to BorderWait

Find the best place to ❤️ live, 👩‍💻 work, and 💃 play

Nomad List is the biggest crowdsourced database of cities in the world analyzing 250,000+ data points to help you choose where to go next.

It also connects 10,000+ remote workers on a paid online social platform, as well as organizing meetups worldwide to connect digital nomads.

🌍 Find your ❤️ place

Guy Phenix
Guy Phenix- Director of The Whisky Crowd.
Have a look here, there is a good range of the things you are looking for.
Nick Francioso
Nick Francioso- Founder of SkillSyncer | Army Veteran
This is by far the coolest web site and should be expanded to market all travelers regardless of being a nomad or not!!
Mick- Founder of SongBox.Rocks
Carrd is awesome
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Around midnight on a recent weeknight in Boracay, an island in the Philippines consistently rated one of the most desirable beach destinations in the world, Jay Meistrich is tracking invoices from his hotel room.
As you get up and go to work to the same office, on the same route, day after day, have you ever stopped to wonder what it might be like to work from somewhere else? Perhaps you've already cut the cord from an office, and work remotely from home, or a coffee shop.
Unlike many of his peers, Sarafa's major life decisions are less about renting an apartment versus buying a home, and more about where his next destination will be. Digital nomads usually spend anywhere from a few months to several years in a country, and then they move on.
A town in Indonesia is home to a thriving group of professionals who have traded office drudgery for a more idyllic work environment.
The concept resonated with Stacey Chassoulas, a digital marketer from Johannesburg. She joined Unsettled's program in Buenos Aires last fall "to change the rhythms of daily life" and test the waters of remote work with her partner, Tyrone Niland. Both are 36 and love to travel, but wanted to keep their jobs and home.
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Send, receive and organize your money without crazy fees

Your free multi-currency account — the easiest way to pay and get paid around the world. Say bye bye to crazy bank fees for good.

Get your borderless account today :)

Sid- Creating consumer stuff
This should be the choice. It gives you 4 bank accounts including an US one.
Nick Abouzeid
Nick Abouzeid- Content @ Emergence Capital
Had a friend use it to get a bank account set up that works in London & NYC. Worth a shot!
Rosanna Lapham
Rosanna Lapham- Pathologist
Got much better exchange rates that transferring from my bank account
3 Alternatives to TransferWise Borderless Account

A simple, easy to use packing list for each trip ✈️

Packr creates a packing checklist for your suitcase from 24 pre-defined activities.

Based on length of stay, weather and planned activities, your packing list will be ready in no time. This is the perfect tool for your skiing vacation, summer holidays, long week-ends, road trips and even camping.

15 Alternatives to Packr

Find the best travel deals to anywhere in the world! ✈️ 🌍

Destigogo finds you the best travel deals to over 2.000+ destinations all over the world.

We not only compare thousands of airlines, but also compare flights from all airports near you.

Due to our unique way of searching, we are able to surprise you with unbeatable rates and destinations you wouldn't even think of!

34 Alternatives to DESTIGOGO 2.0

Cut the green-card red tape now in Chinese, Spanish & Hindi

We are proudly launching a new immigration tool in Chinese, Spanish and Hindi! Hooray!

嗨 欢迎

Hola Bienvenido

नमस्ते स्वागत

Now you can chat with Visabot in your native language and Visabot will prepare the documents for Family Based Green Card in English.

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Fighting for your rights and better government
The bot chats with customers over Facebook Messenger and the company's website. It asks simple questions and helps complete the application. Users pay to print the documents, which they mail to the government. Envoy says it's a full-service option for the 30,000 individuals it's helped.
A bot that helps people complete visa applications to enter the United States has launched in the aftermath of the U.S. presidential election. Available in beta on Facebook Messenger, Visabot helps complete the kinds of visa applications typically sought by skilled tech workers and startup founders.
The Next Web
It's often hard to get your hands on a visa for the US. When you've set your sights on one of the many options, you then have to enter one of the most complex parts of American bureaucracy. The country's president-elect Donald Trump isn't going to make things easier.
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Working remote? Get overlap times between you & your client!

Timezones are a drag, but remote work shouldn't be. So I built Nomad Zones to let me get overlapping times between me and my client(s).

I plan on adding multi-client support soon. I'd love to hear from you (fellow nomads) about what you like, don't like, and what you'd like to see next! :)

9 Alternatives to Nomad Zones

Telegram ​​bot for flight ​price ​tracking

AirTrack is a Telegram ​​bot ​​designed​​ for searching cheap flights​ and​​ tracking the ticket prices for virtually all airlines around the globe.

To start monitoring the ticket price, all you need to do is to tell the bot your desired route and subscribe to notifications. AirTrack will notify you if the price is getting lower or higher.

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TravelDailyNews International
Airline tickets prices, especially those for low-cost airlines, change very often due to various factors. Thus, within a minute, all the airlines of the world make more than 225,000 changes in their databases. To find the lowest price, it is necessary to manually check ticket prices every day, and that may take a lot of your time while planning a trip.
9 Alternatives to AirTrack
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