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12 alternative and related products to Borderline

Barter and sell your side projects

Borderline is a marketplace for side projects. Sell your application, give them away or barter them for someone else's project that excites you.

12 Alternatives to Borderline

Transferslot is a curated marketplace where founders can sell their project to our community of potential buyers.

All submissions are carefully reviewed to ensure that only good quality projects are listed.

Every product is sent via the weekly newsletter and we offer options to increase the chance of selling, including dedicated email, and unlimited re-listing.

11 Alternatives to Transferslot 2.0

Find out how much you can sell your side project for 🏷

Find out how much your side projects are worth and how much they can sell for.

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A $100,000/year business can sell for $300,000 cash. $300,000 cash invested at 7%, is $21,000/year return. That's $79,000/year less than you were making before you sold. But less risky. So selling your company isn't necessarily a reason to celebrate.
Another "trick" to be aware of is the use of the social obligation to return favors: 1/ Acquirer makes an offer that's much lower than budget 2/ You refuse 3/ Acquirer "makes" a concession and offers true budget 4/ You feel socially pressured to make an effort in return...
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