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Keep track of your favorite spots & share them with friends

8 Alternatives to BobbyPin

Mapstr lets you keep track of all your favorite places around the world, tag them, and share them with who you want!

To remember your best spots (restaurants, bars, museums...), your friends recommendations, and to plan your next trip, download Mapstr and build the map of YOUR world!

Jeff Dashley
Jeff Dashley- Web Designer, sometimes
This is the best app I've found so far for managing favorite restaurants, shops, hotels, and spots in the cities you visit or frequent all over the world. You can organize by tags and share with friends. It's made a huge difference for my wife and I as we travel for both business and vacation purposes. Quite a lovely design too.
David Baruchel
David Baruchel- Founder, CaptainParrot & Start The F* Up
All those moments when friends said they tried a new restaurant/café/... and I just said "sounds cool! I'll try it" and forgot... All those moments when I'm searching for a new place, but Yelp reviews don't help... For me Mapstr solves both those pain points: I created a wishlist tag, and now I'm never short of new places to try. Plus the overall UX and int… See more
Emilie Gautier-Gander
Emilie Gautier-Gander- Products and trends lover
Favorite app ever ! Mapstr is a gorgeous map that allows you to save all the places you like, all around the world thanks to it's HUGE database. You can sort them with tags, share it with your friends and be notified when your close to them. The app also gives you access to many details about your picks, such as timetables, pictures or website.
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Meet Mapstr, a hybrid map and note taking app that lets you easily bookmark your favorite restaurants, bars and more. It reminds me of the old, but this time it's for places. There are already many ways to keep track of places.
Mapstr is an interesting app, a sort of bookmarking service, but for places. It's a great way to bookmark your favorite restaurants, bars and shops. When I first reviewed the app, it was still a beta. Mapstr is now back with version 1.0 and a bunch of interesting features that make it more useful.
French mapping startup Mapstr is today taking the next step in its mission to help people around the world remember and organize their favorite places - launching Android, web, and iMessage versions of its app.
French startup Mapstr just released version 1.0 of its nifty map app, but it's already thinking about the next steps. The company just raised $800,000 from angel investors and is working on a set of new features for the coming months. As a reminder, Mapstr is a bookmarking service for places.
French startup Mapstr is a nifty bookmarking apps, but for your favorite places. It lets you keep track of restaurants, bars, shops or your friends' homes. With today's update, you can now get walking, driving and public transport directions with integrations with Google Maps, Uber and Citymapper.
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Eavesdrop on what locals are recommending to each other

Osom is an ios app for discovering authentic recommendations from locals

Antonio Martinez Baez
Antonio Martinez Baez- LORO Co-Founder
Check OSOM out. We built it because when we traveled we wanted to find the most authentic spots and current search and discovery platforms were not doing the trick. We would en up in tourist traps really disappointed so we built OSOM to solve this. With OSOM you create wishlists with your friends about the spots you want to try out and ones you already love.… See more
Antonio Martinez Baez
Antonio Martinez Baez- LORO Co-Founder
We created OSOM around friends recommendations to each other. With osom you create wishlists with your friends about your favorite spots or the ones you want to try out so that everyone has them in one spot. Not only that but you can look at what other groups of friends are recommending to each other so you can get the best recommendations.
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Osom Press Kit We can all agree the best recommendations come from friends whose taste we trust. But how many times have you forgot what the name of that spot was that your friends told you about last week? With OSOM you can now create wish lists with your friends to discover OSOM places.
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