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Blockchain Startups Map

Blockchain Startups Map alternatives and competitors

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Map & searchable database of 430 companies in 64 categories.

Top alternatives for Blockchain Startups Map

Ethical white hat link building. Try for $1.
  • Blockchain Demo

    7 reviews

    Blockchain Demo is my attempt at demystifying the technology behind cryptocurrencies. It has a living blockchain, a peer-to-peer network, and a user tour.

    Love this. Just tweeted it out. So much confusion in our space for new people. This was simple, smart and elegant.

  • Blockchain Learning Center

    1 review

    Blockchain Learning Center by Codementor is a curated list of everything related to blockchain development — from tutorials, courses, to development tools, and more.

    I like the idea how company can market themselves by giving a lot of value for community

  • mempool

    3 reviews

    mempool delivers a selection of thought-provoking reads, analysis and opinion to help you be smart, informed, and ahead of the curve on blockchain and crypto-currencies. You will find a concise roundup of the world’s most interesting reads on blockchain.

    I'm subscriber of his Turkish publish email list (kriptopara.io) and also private/paid email list.

    I'm look forward to the weekly newsletter …

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  • 500 Earth

    500 Startups. Mapped.
  • Audius (Closed Beta)

    3 reviews

    Audius wants to cut the middlemen out of music streaming so artists get paid their fair share. Coming out of stealth today led by serial entrepreneur and DJ Ranidu Lankage, Audius is building a blockchain-based alternative to Spotify or SoundCloud.


  • Po.et

    2 reviews

    Po.et is the platform for a new decentralized media economy. It is a shared, immutable, decentralized ledger for registering, licensing & attributing metadata. On it are marketplaces & DAPPs that use token-based reputation systems & the power of the network effect to reclaim value for content creators, publishers and advertisers alike.


  • Jaxx

    Your blockchain interface
  • CryptoHackers

    3 reviews

    CryptoHackers interviews crypto world heroes helping them build a connection with their audience.

    I have been a loyal reader of CryptoHackers for a while, and just binge-read all interviews again for a research I'm currently doing. Love b…

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  • BlockCrypto

    We support searching crypto, address or transaction in multi blockchain

  • Messari

    Messari provides curated content, advanced token analytics, and in-depth research for crypto's pioneers.

  • Opporty

    Opporty is a service marketplace with cutting-edge blockchain technology on board. Opporty enables new models of commercial and social engagement on secure, resilient, and impenetrable Ethereum blockchain. It streamlines small business activities through smart contracts and decentralized Escrow procedure.

  • TokenAnalyst

    1 review

    TokenAnalyst is a simple tool that allows you to explore on-chain data on a variety of cryptoassets. We parse raw data from every block on the Ethereum blockchain and turn it into meaningful metrics that you can use to drive your research and investment decisions. We have a site that gets updated daily and an API where you can get real-time data.

    I love this product!

  • Honeypot’s London Tech Map

    Map to discover London companies by tech stack and location.
  • TheBit

    5 reviews

    TheBit is a simple and curated blockchain newsletter for investors by investors that updates you in 3 minutes or less, and you bet that it cuts ALL the noise out! The website also has simple to follow guides for beginners to experts, as well as interviews with industry leaders.

    The Bit is a great publication. For the amount of email newsletters I delete everyday, The Bit is rarely one of them.

    And while its content i…

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  • Blockstack Signature Bounties

    Blockstack is offering $25k to build an encrypted token portfolio app

  • Fair City

    5 reviews

    Fair City is a city building simulation game on the blockchain. On the Fair City Simulation, you purchase digital land, build constructions and have them as your digital asset on the blockchain.

    The players can sell obtained assets at the end of the game in exchanges for token, and can win up to 6 ETH for one piece of land.

    The land got sold out within 10 minutes of the game launch. I managed to grab one piece of land for myself and built a construction. The ent…

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  • new level of startup data

    The number one resource for all people involved in innovation - for innovation tracking, performance monitoring and market analyses

  • Bitnary

    Bitnary is the only free chatbot in the crypto-market designed to track unusual trade activity and notify you!

  • Block Zen

    Blockchain and Crypto products are submitted and voted upon by the Block Zen community every day (just like Product Hunt). Block Zen helps you can track the daily innovations taking place in this space.
  • Fluree

    A scalable blockchain database that combines enterprise capability with blockchain proof and security.