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BioDigital Human alternatives and competitors

Google Earth for the human body
The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • Imagina Books: The Human Body is an Educational Augmented Reality book that taps into the human anatomy and the bodily functions. Imagina Books is a complete gamified learning journey inside the human body. Now, your children can explore all their body organs and functions with an interactive AR experience using only their phone/tablet and our book

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  • Anatomyka

    Learning about the human body has never been more interactive! Anatomyka's visual tools take the human anatomy to a whole new level. Utilising cutting-edge 3D modelling, Anatomyka allows you to get up close with human anatomy in all its breathtaking complexity.

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  • teamLabBody2020 is a 3D atlas of the human body, offering you thousands of 3D models based on MRI imaging data, covering the entire body. Our app takes you on an adventure through the wonders and mysteries of the human body.
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  • SA Anatomy

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    SA Anatomy is a place to study Human or Animal Anatomy in 3D. We supply HD 3D anatomy models all over the world.
    - Human & Animal Figures
    - Complete Human Anatomy
    - Free ZBrush Tutorials
    Our work in progress was recorded - https://www.youtube.com/c/SAAnatomy
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  • Écorché: Portrait Anatomy

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    Ecorhce is an anatomy learning app specifically for artists. Knowledge of anatomy is crucial for creating vivid and believable portraits or characters. The app has an intuitive interface for easy navigation through 4 layers of facial anatomy.
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