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9 alternative and related products to Betterment RetireGuide

Betterment RetireGuide
Invest correctly for a comfortable retirement.
9 Alternatives to Betterment RetireGuide

Invest in blue-chip classic cars like stocks

On Rally Rd. you can invest in blue-chip classic cars, starting at about $40 per share. Users can purchase equity in classic cars, hand-selected by a team of industry experts and securitized (turned into stock in a company) so a new breed of enthusiasts can now participate in this exciting alternative asset class.

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A new investment app lets you put a classic 1955 Porsche Speedster in your stock portfolio. Rally Rd. is a first-of-its-kind marketplace that allows investors to buy an equity stake in classic cars they've only dreamed of.
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10 Alternatives to Rally Rd.

Fraud and theft protection for cryptocurrency

Trustroot is a blockchain protocol that verifies the identity and reputation of blockchain businesses to help you avoid scams and hacks.

Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to steal cryptocurrency, from altering wallet addresses, to impersonating social media accounts, to hijacking e-mail lists. Trustroot’s Chrome extension detects these attacks before they happen by letting you know you’re transacting with a business that’s fully vetted and verified. Quickly access information regarding a business’s incorporation, wallet addresses, reputation, and more in one place.

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6 Alternatives to Trustroot

The ultimate stock tracking tool to maximize your returns

TipRanks Smart Portfolio is an innovative stock tracker app that brings TipRanks’ comprehensive data capabilities and powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms into one simple platform. Users can access key data points and find fresh investment ideas all within an app that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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is now offering a first of its kind mobile app. This is the ultimate stock tracking tool to manage your investments and maximize your returns. Join millions of investors to get new investment inspiration and portfolio analysis every day.
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7 Alternatives to TipRanks Smart Portfolio

A chatbot that helps you learn about pensions

Penfold is a chatbot that uses tailored projections and relevant examples to help young people understand: (1) how pensions work (2) how much they should be saving to get the optimal top-ups from their employer and the government (3) why its great to save early and take advantage of the magic of compound interest!

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The conclusion emerges from figures calculated by CLSA, a research company, and assumes investment growth of 7pc a year. The company looked at savers who each contributed £2,500 a year to a pension. The first, who started saving at 21 and stopped at 30, would have a pension fund worth £553,000 by the age of 70.
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