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9 alternative and related products to Best of Machine Learning

Best of Machine Learning
A collection of the best resources in Machine Learning & AI
Best of Machine Learning is a collection of helpful resources when it comes to learning and staying updated on all things related to Machine Learning. The open-source project is open for Pull Requests and was recently featured on the HackerNews frontpage.
9 Alternatives to Best of Machine Learning

Every day, interesting machine learning projects get posted to GitHub, but they soon disappear into the abyss if you're not quick to bookmark them. I've created a small collection of ML projects that stood out to me from HN, reddit, and GitHub. Preference was given to open source projects witht an online demo. Let me know if I missed any!

11 Alternatives to ML Showcase

Intersect Labs enables anyone to build and deploy machine learning models in 3 clicks, from any spreadsheet or database. Companies can make accurate predictions without bringing in a data scientist or ML engineer.

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Machine learning is the holy grail of data analysis, but unfortunately, that holy grail oftentimes requires a PhD in Computer Science just to get started. Despite the incredible attention that machine learning and artificial intelligence get from the press, the reality is that there is a massive ga...
6 Alternatives to Intersect Labs

Lionbridge’s 500,000+ annotators label your text, audio, image, and video data for machine learning. Using our custom-built platform, we can:
🤖 Create chatbot training data
🖼 Label images and video
😍 Build sentiment analysis datasets
👩‍💻 Source annotators from around the world
💬 Improve machine translation

3 Alternatives to Lionbridge AI

As students in high school, we realised that even though it is amazing, machine learning is really difficult to implement into projects.

To remove the hassle we faced ourselves, we created MLBlocks.

-Train models with only 50 images per class

-Create them without expensive GPUs

-Deploy on any platform through our API


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