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Connect with like minded musicians and make music online
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  • Rocketium Workspace is a design automation product for teams. With its self-serve tools, digital asset management in workspaces and role-based access control, organisations can empower their business teams to create brand-compliant videos and images, at scale.

    Love the clean layout and also Kanban FTW! Good job, guys!

  • Maker Network

    Easily explore the network of people that makers have made products with. Built for Makers Festival API Edition.
  • Scratch Track

    After getting tired of recording songs with the Voice Memo app, we created Scratch Track - a better way to record, edit, and organize song ideas with bandmates. Scratch Track is made for people who play music by people who play music.

  • Polychops

    Polychops is a set of tools and a social network for musicians 🎸🥁🎺

    Our goal is to help musicians get more out of their practice and explore new horizons.

    We have put an accent on availability and ease of use. Polychops works in your browser. Everything you make there has a unique URL you can share ❤️

  • Vampr for Android

    It all starts with a connection.

    Vampr is the number one social platform helping creatives find people to collaborate with, create new music and monetize their work ✌️
  • Bandwidth

    New app for connecting musicans and bands
  • Wavejam allows you to easily make music from home, with your band mates and friends. Record your idea, share it, and invite others to collaborate.
  • Bandr

    Bandr is the newest way to find musicians in your local area.

    Want somebody to jam with? Fed up with posting in classifieds, hoping to find that last member of your band? That’s where Bandr comes in.

    Bandr is passionate about music and musicians. We’re one of a kind, allowing you to connect with other musicians in a new and more updated way

  • Harmonious Studio

    Create music loops for videos, games, trailers, adverts.

    Harmonious Studio makes it easy for you to create the ideal background loops, even if you have no previous experience making music.

  • Start Music

    Start Music is your online directory of music teachers. Whether you are a beginner or more accomplished musician, looking to learn online, in-person, at your own home or travel. Start Music is here to help.