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Your personal date night planner, powered by Foursquare

BaeLife is a webapp & daily newsletter full of ideas on what to cook, what to watch, where to go out, and what to talk about.

It pulls in data from a ton of sources like Foursquare, Rotten Tomatoes, Food52, Spotify, Vox, and more.

The goal is to spend more time enjoying date night, rather than plan it.

8 alternative and related products to BaeLife

Fantastical 2 for Mac

The calendar app you won't be able to live without

Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
I really love fantastical. The UX is really well done. Super easy to use. The menu bar app gives a quick overview of what I have going on for the day. Adding in new meetings is very easy.
Fantastical is excellent and it has Mac and iOS apps
Ben Novak- Founded 3 startups, sold 1.
They have for iOS as well and that's what i moved to.
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Tonight's Going Out App

It is time to go out! YPlan gives you a hint for the most memorable events every day. Take your time in a city to explore and make your best experience! Get the most amazing news for food, attractions, art, culture, shopping, and nightlife in one place! It is available for 108 cities, so make your list, book and go!

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