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Backup Alarm

Set backup alarms that only ring if you're still asleep

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Set a second alarm to ring only if you're still asleep. This means next time you oversleep your alarm, Backup Alarm will wake you up, and you won't be late for work, school, or something else

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World's most annoying alarm app

Ayush Mittal- bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌
Try Alarmy! Take a picture, shake the phone or solve a maths problem to wake up. As they say - "Set your alarm with tasks that will drive all sleep away from you in those lazy mornings!"
Taimoor Hussain- Digital Marketing Strategist
its an amazing app. Forces me to wake up.
Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
I hate it but it does what it should. Annoys the hell out of me until I wake up. :)
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