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Achieve and maintain your best posture any place, any time.

Backbone is a smart, connected posture solution that discreetly supports your posture, vibrates when you slouch, offers curated training plans, and more.

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Uses your Mac's camera to warn you when you slouch

ben Watanabe- 96 Problems
It may not be the "best," but based on its cost performance and ease of use it could be. Plus you get to hear a cat meow whenever you mess up, although could that may be positive reinforcement of a negative behavior? Anyways, simply install the app and it will tell you when you start slouching by using your computer's camera. Fun fact: Nekoze means "cat bac… See more
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Perfect posture effortlessly. Ease back pain while you work.

Daniel Fitzpatrick- App developer
I really need to get one of these... I hate how chairs are always designed for "better posture" but I end up slouching uncomfortably in them anyways :( I wish there was a chair designed for inevitable slouching and working at a desk
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Lumo Lift

You slouch, it vibrates. Sit straighter, stand taller.

Aleksandra- Product marketing
I wear Lumo Lift which gives gentle reminders to straighten back up. After a week I could see the difference because it really helps to build the habit. The only huge drawback for me is a short battery life :( So you have to charge it every other day.
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