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Powerful Backend-as-a-Service for AngularJS and Ionic

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Parse + Heroku, on your own infrastructure.

Tanmai Gopal
Hasura is a BaaS + PaaS. You get instant backend APIs for data, auth & file storage. Sometimes, the APIs given by a BaaS solution aren't enough. Then you can also deploy your own custom code with just a "git push". Backend code can be written in any language/framework (including Swift, Java8 etc. too!). Disclaimer: I work at Hasura :)
Rajoshi Ghosh- Co-founder, Hasura
Hasura can be used to build the backend for your app very fast. In fact, you can write the backend code using Swift or Java, so don't have to change languages too :). Ref:
Rajoshi Ghosh- Co-founder, Hasura
Instant Data & Auth APIs over Postgres. Hence, you get most of the backend of your app out-of-the-box.
While we had originally envisaged Hasura being used for mobile/web apps, we have even had an IoT deployment using Hasura as the backend - this was quite a pleasant surprise! Of course, we shouldn't have been, given that conceptually, server-side code is server-side side code.
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