Alternative products to AutoMute for Google Chrome

8 alternative and related products to AutoMute for Google Chrome

AutoMute for Google Chrome
Automatically mutes each new tab the instant it is opened

AutoMute for Google Chrome is an extension that automatically mutes each new tab the instant it is opened.

8 Alternatives to AutoMute for Google Chrome

Silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing

Muzzle is a simple Mac app to silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing (with the best landing page of all time).

Irina Ryslyayeva
Irina Ryslyayeva- IT PR ninja
Cause we all have been there, let's admit it!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Muzzle is brilliant. It's humorous and illustrates the product well. You might find yourself staring at the landing page for minutes. 😊
Mat Sherman
Mat Sherman- Hacker. Starter. #yesphx
I second Ryan. I just spent 3 minutes staring at it. Genius...bloody genius!.
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12 Alternatives to Muzzle

Hate running over all these little "Can I help you widgets", with little red badges, chat bubbles popping up, that you just don't need 99% of the time?
This free add on frees up your screen from those.

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Facebook Purity and uBlock Origin are two chrome extensions that make my internet life notably better. The time has arrived where those auto-popup chat widgets need to be blocked too and a rad solution was just launched by a 16 yo.
Show HN: A browser extension which blocks chat/helpdesk widgets
Cool new product: Hello Goodbye - Stop annoying spammy helpdesk widgets (via @bcye_tw)
6 Alternatives to Hello Goodbye

Mutes your internal speakers when disconnecting headphones 🎧

Disconnecting your headphones or speakers from your Mac automatically selects the Internal Speakers. Any sound that was playing before is now shared with everyone around you. 🙀

Your Cyndi Lauper playlist? Yea, that's no longer a secret.

Relax monitors your audio output and takes action when it notices you switch back to your internal speakers.

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Quick rundown of Relax' launch last Wednesday: 😸 113 upvotes on Product Hunt 🗞 2 articles posted 📈 561 unique visits 💾 313 downloads 💰 0 donations I was really hoping for at least a single use of the Tip Jar. Maybe I need to push the option a bit more aggressively.
Even Apple's AirPods are supported. If any output device gets disconnected Relax has got your back. Battery dies halfway through your Dubstep set? Relax makes sure your disco stays private.
7 Alternatives to Relax
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