Alternative products to Apple Pencil

6 alternative and related products to Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil
Completely familiar. Entirely revolutionary.

6 Alternatives to Apple Pencil

The most intuitive design tool 📐✏️

Redefining the compass, the Rotio Compass gives the user greater control over the pen for more accurate and precise line work. The base is stable making it easy to control and is non-marking, avoiding damage to the page so your work remains pristine.

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Some people call them a compass, other people refer to them as rounders... I call them a headache. I've been using the traditional compass ever since 4th grade in school, and the only thing I've managed to successfully achieve are holes in my sheets, thanks to the compass' age-old pin-point design.
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Rotio has created a new drawing tool specifically designed to provide greater control and more accuracy when sketching out ideas and drawing line work details. Designed to be an intuitive tool the Rotio Compass offers an easy way to create curves and circles. Watch the demonstration video below to
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Though we've perhaps not used a compass since our school days here at Coolector HQ, we are suckers for great design around these here parts and that's why we've had our heads turned by the excellent looking Rotio Compass which is funding over on Kickstarter right now.
8 Alternatives to Rotio Compass

A modular system to keep your design tools organized.

Machined in single pieces from gorgeous Pennsylvania hardwoods, the Studio Case is a stylish, modular system for artists, designers, and anyone who needs a studio on the go. Studio Case is infinitely changeable, with 3 choices for your modules: Pencil, Marker, and Utility Trays. Each one is handmade in Pittsburgh, PA. USA by KerfCase.

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Chalk toys that make circles, lines or dots

3 chalk toys that are designed to draw circles, lines and dots, reimagining our tools for drawing. The Chalk Drawers are great desk objects for architects, designers and artists of all ages!

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Goodbye sticks of chalk. Hello...geometrically precise hunks of chalk. Designer Nikolas Bentel just upped the chalk game significantly (did you know there was a chalk game?) with his Chalk Drawers, a set of odd-looking drawing utensils designed to help people create precise shapes and lines.
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New York designer Nik Bentel has reimagined the humble chalk stick as toys in various shapes so that budding artists and architects can draw hatching, dots and circle patterns. Bentel, who grew up in a family of architects, developed the Chalk Drawers set as a playful way for children to engage with architecture and design.
5 Alternatives to Chalk Drawers
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