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Another Voice
Voice messaging reinvented for iMessage
11 Alternatives to Another Voice

Traditional calls and meetings monopolize your time and require endless scheduling. Yac is personal, asynchronous communication built for remote teams.

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When researchers at Yahoo Labs wanted to learn more about how young people use video chat, they asked 16 teenagers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area to keep a diary for two weeks. The subjects liked to multitask, cleaning their rooms and scrolling through social media, while talking with friends.
With distributed workforces all the rage in the tech community these days, startups are trying to build new tools to keep those teams connected and communicating in the ways that make folks most comfortable. One of these companies is the Orlando, Fla.-based startup, Yac, which just raised $1.5 mill...
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We made Vox so your customers can have real conversations with you via your website, person to person! Vox combines the convenience of instant messaging with the personal touch of a phone call. When customers hear you care, they will too 🐝💬

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We launched Vox to empower organisations to use their most valuable communication tool - voice - to engage with and understand their customers like never before. On June 22nd 2020, SaaS startup telbee launched the closed beta of their voice messaging platform Vox to an exclusive group of testers.
With global use of smart speakers, voice notes and AI assistants at an all-time high, it's no secret that voice technology is rapidly transforming the way we all live, work and communicate. But this recent surge in the popularity of voice technology doesn't just show that people want to set timers speedily, check the weather more easily or order groceries on… See more
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