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Tech news from 41 sources, all in one place.

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MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • The Information

    The Information is investigative journalism for tech. Join 200K+ on our weekly newsletter: http://www.theinformation.com/newsletter

  • daily.dev

    12 reviews
    daily.dev is an all-in-one developer news reader that can help you stay updated on your favorite tech news. Today we are expanding our product suite with a new web app! It's mobile-friendly, fully responsive, and can be installed as a PWA. No signup needed.
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  • Silicon.news

    2 reviews
    A must-read weekly briefing on Silicon Valley funding, merger and acquisition news. Delivered every Monday at 7 am.
    Kickstart your week the right way. Stay on top of what's going on in Silicon Valley.
  • TheNews

    6 reviews
    Get the latest,β €β €
    🎨 Designer,β €
    β€πŸ’» Developer andβ €
    ⚑️ Tech News on mobile.β €
    β €
    Using the TheNews.im, you can readβ €
    Hacker News, Designer News, Product Hunt,β €
    Dribbble, TechCrunch, Reddit, Mediumβ €
    and many more on a simple interfaceβ €
    on iOS and Android.
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  • Morning Reader 2

    The easiest way to keep up with tech news
  • daily.dev

    21 reviews
    daily.dev is the easiest way to stay updated on the latest programming news. It's a feed of articles that's ranked by a community of +50,000 developers. Get the best content from the top tech publications on any topic you want. All in one extension.
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  • Emerging Tech Brew

    24 reviews
    Emerging Tech Brew is a newsletter that delivers the latest on all things emerging tech. From AI and IoT to drones and crypto, we decode tomorrow’s tech news for you today. Brought to you by the team at Morning Brew...because bots can't write newsletters yet.

    Highly recommend to you and your techie friends

  • Paper Run

    Paper Run is a Tech and Science news aggregator that get the latest news from over 200 sources every 5 minutes. You can create your own feed based on the sites you like, bookmark articles so you can come back to them later or filter the news by topic. You also have the option to get the news sent directly to your mailbox if you wish.

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  • Morning Reader 3

    Morning Reader is the easiest way to keep up with the latest technology and blockchain news from top sources including TechCrunch, Recode, The Verge, Wired, Bloomberg, VentureBeat, Guardian, NY Times, Engadget, and more.

  • Charged newsletter

    Weekly roundup of tech, boiled down into bite sized pieces
  • Newslettrs

    1 review
    A web app to subscribe and read newsletters in a distraction free environment.
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  • Inside.com 2.0

    3 reviews

    Inside.com publishes newsletters written by passionate people covering topics you care about:

    πŸ™οΈ city newsletters: SF, NYC, LA + 10 more

    πŸ’Ό industry newsletters: AI, marketing, SaaS, VR/AR + 25 more

    🏒 company newsletters: Amazon, Google and Apple

    Been subscribed to the Apple one for a few months and I love it πŸ‘Œ

  • LAUNCH Ticker

    The most efficient way to stay on top of tech news
  • Startup Around

    Intelligent. Crisp. Quick.
    We analyze the internet, startup trends and social media activities algorithmically to bring you the quick summary right away every 30 minutes from 100+ publishers from the global startup communities.
  • WTF Just Happened, Today?

    Logging the daily shock and awe
  • Code News

    2 reviews
    Code News is the best news app for programmers. Here you can check the latest news about your favorite programming languages and technologies. You can filter between ~90 programming languages and technologies to get the results that interest you the most.

    Maybe that is something that can be easily fixed/added? β™₯

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  • Big Revolution

    1 review

    A daily look at how technology is changing society. Media to politics, finance to culture, it helps you understand the world, seven days a week.

    Big Revolution is edited by Martin Bryant, former Editor-in-Chief at The Next Web (TNW). Each issue features original writing on tech in the world today, as well as news and good reads from around the web

    I've been Martin's newsletter subscriber for over two years and been receiving Big Revolution for about two weeks - and it's one of the few …

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  • Setapp Stories

    A digest of cool tech stories going on around the globe – sent straight to your inbox. Fun, at-a-glance explainers of what’s up and why it matters. No more getting sucked into the Internet vortex of story after story, just open Setapp Stories & enjoy the gist!
  • Mona News

    Mona reads the news with the newscaster experience whenever and wherever you want. Read the news yourself without distractions with minimalist design. A selection of over 1000 (and growing) news sources, online publishers, magazine. Read also without ads.
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  • LalaFeed

    2 reviews

    Lalafeed is an iOS app that fetches the latest news from your favorite tech websites in one place. Read any article within the app and use Reader mode for easy and fast eye catching.

    More space for your phone by keeping only one app.

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