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Alarmy alternatives and competitors

World's most annoying alarm app
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  • WakeMeHere is a location-based alarm clock which wakes you up at the location of your choice.

    Have you ever wished to nap in public transportation without spending your brainpower on when to get out? A location-based alarm clock is the solution. Just set your destination - WakeMeHere takes care of the worry!

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    Since it is not time-dependent, you don't have to calculate in advance when you'll probably arrive and then set up an unreliable alarm. Up t…

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  • Barcode Alarm Clock

    Alarm clock that won't stop ringing until you scan a barcode
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  • MoneyAlarm™ 2

    Alarm that costs you if you don't wake up
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  • Toonie Alarm

    Bright alarm app with funny stickers
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  • CARROT Alarm

    Alarm clock that talks sh*t to you ;)
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  • Wake Social

    Wake your friends with fun voice recordings and challenges
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  • WakeBot

    Robotic wake up service that briefs you on your day
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  • Smart Alarm Clock

    Sleep cycle & snoring recorder
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  • Morning Ninja

    Due to changing in Instagram API, we are shutting down the project. Thank you for using it. <3
    Make this your last sleepy Monday! MorningNinja helps you start your day with your favorite Instagram Infuencer.
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  • Snorelax

    Alarm that wakes you up earlier when traffic is bad
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  • Tock Alarm

    An iOS alarm that reads you information that matters
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  • Backup Alarm

    Set a second alarm to ring only if you're still asleep. This means next time you oversleep your alarm, Backup Alarm will wake you up, and you won't be late for work, school, or something else

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  • NapSergeant

    With "NapSergeant" assistant in your mobile phones, you can now relax during your travel journey. The app will give you a reminder call before your stop arrives. Stay tension free and never miss your stop, bus or train.! The app is best especially for those who are frequent travelers or commute almost every day.

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  • Rise & Shine

    An alarm clock you turn off by smiling
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  • EcoAlarm

    EcoAlarm is an alarm that reproduces sound using Spotify previously recorded from native endangered Argentine forests. Each time a track from our album is played, you’re generating royalties for the Fundación Banco de Bosques.

    That means that when you wake up listening to nature, you’re helping to protect her, all without getting out of bed.

    Download EcoAlarm to help save the forest.

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  • Clockwise Smart Alarm

    Customizable smart alarm improving waking up
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  • Stand Clock Display

    Turn your iPhone and iPad into a real watch using "Stand Clock display" app. Use it as a desk clock during the day or at night. Customize clock to make it fit better your style.
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  • EcoWake

    EcoWake is the best way to wake up in the morning. Rather than hitting that pesky snooze button in the mornings, why not wake up for a greater purpose? Plant trees for on-time wake-ups, and see your virtual forest grow.
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  • Move Alarm Clock

    Move Alarm Clock - Best Alarm to Wake Up with Music. It is your best Alarm Clock to Wake Up with your favorite Music. Set Multiple Alarms, know Live Weather Updates for your Location, Built-in Flash Light for night supervision, Smart Way to Stop/Snooze Alarm by Moving Alarm Clock Up/Down.

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  • Fit Up

    The last and only alarm app you will ever need. Stop hitting snooze and control your morning. Do a workout of your choice after wakeup, track it with Apple Watch & bet money on your success. If you fail you will pay the money to your favourite organisation.
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