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5 alternative and related products to Ajo Africa

Ajo Africa

Connecting consumers to their local businesses & communities

5 Alternatives to Ajo Africa

Essays about the internet & business of innovation in Africa

The Subtext is a publication about the internet and the business of innovation across Africa. Get two or more editions published every week, containing no-BS essays about what’s new[s] and what’s important in tech and media across Africa.

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The Subtext is a publication about the internet and the business of innovation across Africa. No-bullshit essays about what's new[s] and what's important in tech and media across Africa, published two times a week. Written by Osarumen Osamuyi and published by OMG Digital.
I - Kölbigk "By the leafy wood rode Bovoline,With him he led the fair Mersewine.Why are we waiting? Why don't we go?"[1] OnChristmas eve in 1021, eighteen people were gathered outside a church in Kölbigk, Saxony, a small town in 2nd-century eastern Germany. (Some accounts say twelve [2]).
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Intelligent business to consumer texting

Zingle enables customers to text your business via a dedicated phone number or using your existing landline.

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BY David Wang | Our goal here at Zingle is to help businesses create better relationships with their customers. We recognized that consumers wanted to have a faster and easier way to communicate with businesses and intelligent messaging is the solution for better customer experiences.
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Book afro hairdressers in London in a few clicks

Afrocks (beta) is a platform for on demand afro hair beauty in London. Want to rock your natural hair in a new style? Braids? Lox? Twists? Enter your postcode and book an appointment with your nearest specialist.

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NATURAL HAIR for black women is an important issue, with many still having to face judgements in the workplace and sometimes within the community about the act of "going natural". To top it off, locating good quality afro hair beauty professionals can be a tedious and sometimes stressful process in London for many Black women with natural hair.
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I'm going to dive straight into this post by telling you all about my experience with Afrocks hair service. How I found booking my appointment, What it was like having a stylist in my home, how my hair looks & feels now and whether I would recommend the service.
If you're black, the turmoil of finding the right hairdresser can be enough to make you avoid the process altogether. One too many delayed appointments, instances of overcharging or stylists who don't understand that fine-toothed combs and afro hair don't mix and few would blame you for opting to do your hair yourself.
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If you know the difference between a braid and a twist out, traction alopecia and sleek edges, or the pros and cons of palm rolling, you probably love a black woman with natural hair. Growing up in the 80's in the French Caribbean, all of the women around me had what people called "good hair".
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