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Airbnb Cereal alternatives and competitors

Airbnb launched a new typeface called Airbnb Cereal across its product and brand. Airbnb Cereal was created in partnership with Dalton Maag—a global font foundry—and Airbnb’s Marketing and Experience Design teams.

Top Airbnb Cereal alternatives
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  • Google Fonts is an intuitive and robust directory of open source designer web fonts, allowing anyone to share and integrate typography into any project seamlessly—no matter where they are in the world.

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    Would love to have icon fonts

  • Lottie by Airbnb

    Lottie is an iOS, Android, and React Native library that renders After Effects animations in real time, allowing apps to use animations as easily as they use static images.

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  • Fontjoy finds interesting font pairings using the embedding layer of a neural net. Click a button and a unique pairing is served up on our minimal interface.

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    Great App!

    If only there was a way to export/share the fonts, maybe generating a shareable link from the generated fonts, currently taking ma…

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  • FontBase is a lightning fast, beautiful and free font manager for designers. FontBase gives you all the stability, speed and reliability of a paid font manager, but free and on all platforms!

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    I recommended this today to a client. We both experimented with it and liked it a lot.

  • Easy to use tool for finding the perfect free Google Fonts for your project. Features a curated selection of the best typefaces that Google offers, as well as precise filters and direct comparison tools. Especially good for finding unique fonts such as ultra-thin or slab style.

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  • Font Fit

    Font Fit allows to test different fonts on a live website, share the results with a friend and export the changed CSS styles. No browser plugin needed.

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  • Font Generator

    Tons of font ideas in one click
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  • Fontea

    700 Google fonts in your Photoshop
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  • Font Awesome 5 is popular collection of icons. Now version 5 after great Kickstarter funding.

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    I use it in all my products.

  • FontGala is a curated gallery of beautiful fonts for creative designers.

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    i Love fonts but the web loads slower

  • Ikea has released a free font called Soffa Sans, inspired by all the memes born from its online ‘Design your own sofa’ planner.
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    It is interesting to look at

  • Fancy Text is a minimalist tool for the text with cool effects and special decoration. It has now supported 170+ text effect, using the text can make your nickname and text special.

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    Great tool for promotion and get attentions. Maybe provide a keyboard with selected effect in the future?

  • IPOats by Public.com

    Airbnb needed to raise cash in their early days as a startup, and so they sold novelty cereal boxes, netting them $30,000 in a matter of days. Now that they're going public, Public.com is giving away 500 boxes of our very own (very real) cereal. Enter to win.
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  • Parse Grotesk Mono

    Parse Grotesk Mono is just the monospace font you didn’t know you wanted to spice up your IDE. Originally published as Dita Grotesk Mono, it has evolved into a far more sophisticated and classier version, with its glyphs completely reworked from the ground up.

    Bored of your current monospace? Parse makes programming fun again.

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  • Marketers can now vet and book over 750,000+ out-of-home media locations using AdQuick Self-Service.
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