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10 alternative and related products to After Interview

After Interview
Get feedback from job interviews and improve.

1. Add an interview

Add a job interview you’ve had, and we’ll create a unique link that you can send to your interviewer for feedback

2. Send a feedback link

Easily send a feedback link to your interviewer via your favorite app or email

3. Get feedback and master interviews

See what your interviewer thought you did well and where you can improve

10 Alternatives to After Interview

Job Interview simulations of leading tech companies.

Xobin is a platform to simulate the job interviews at Top Companies. With simulation that is specific to the roles and the company, it enables applicants to prepare well and sail through the interview.

Practice your Tech Interviews with Xobin Bot!

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See which companies are using Xobin, compare its alternatives, and read reviews from verified users and experts
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Interactive product management interview practice & coaching

PMLesson is a product management interview preparation platform. We believe product management is an amazing but challenging career to break into, so we designed PMLesson. PMLesson includes dynamic interview questions, extra questions for practice, and entire videos of recorded product management interview answers.

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Founder, PMLesson Stephen Cognetta is the founder of PMLesson, a startup that offers coaching and resources for people who are looking for their dream job in product management. Product management is a rapidly growing, dynamic discipline with a wide range of potential definitions.
PMLesson Blog
At PMLesson, we're dedicated to providing a wealth of information helping aspiring product managers land their dream job. Introducing: PMLesson's Blog.
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Practice mock interview to perfect tech job interview

MockRabit is a mock interview app aimed at helping tech developers practice and perfect their mock interview. The app displays question based on job profile, experience and resume. It converts the voice to text and displays the accuracy based on AI/ML based algorithmic answer matching.

Ishwar Jha
Ishwar Jha- CEO @Appetals, and Digital Evangelist
Here is an interesting NLP/AI powered app to practice mock interview before actual job interview for software developers
Divya Patil
Divya Patil
I never look back after using this app. This is what you actually need. Hope this solves your query.
Runam Sharma
Runam Sharma
Students who want to ace their technical skills.
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8 Alternatives to MockRabit

Candid feedback via moderated interviews w/ your target demo

Campus Insights helps companies understand what Gen Z and Millennials candidly think about products and brands by conducting remote user interviews and focus groups around the world. We’ve helped companies improve onboarding conversions, retention rates, and brand messaging.

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It's hard to forget the harried dash toward college graduation: Prepare for your final, final exams, start looking for a new place to live . . . sell your startup? For Boston College senior Riley Soward, the end of the year includes a milestone that many company founders take years to achieve.
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11 Alternatives to Campus Insights

The easiest way to hire the right talent 3x faster

Xobin is an easy-to-use talent assessment software that helps you hire talent 3x faster and cheaper. Xobin's suite of assessment tests covers 500+ Skills across - Coding, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Admin roles.

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Xobin Blog
If you are wondering what exactly a Talent Assessment Software is all about, how does it help to ease the process the finding the top talent, you've landed on the right article. In this article we shall explain: A Talent Assessment Software is a standardized tool for gathering data to assess and validate a candidate's ability to perform on a job.
Xobin Blog
An age old debate that rages forever is the decision as to whether recruitment is a science or an intuition based skill. A few years ago, experts would have said that there is no way to predict the behavioral intelligence of a human.
10 Alternatives to Xobin 2.0
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