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18 alternative and related products to Actually Read It Later

Actually Read It Later
Save articles for reading later

If you are always forgetting that article that you saved to read it later, this extension is for you!

Usage of extension is as basic as it gets: you set time for reading in options, and then save any article that you want by clicking on extension icon. When the reading time comes, you will be presented with list of your saved articles.

18 Alternatives to Actually Read It Later

A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
I love writing in Medium. I actually used it for articles I had no intention of publishing on Medium because the writing experience there is so good.
Valentin Lemort
Valentin Lemort- Co founder of knowball
Smart and minimalist. Such a pleasure to use.
Xiaomeng Cui
Xiaomeng Cui- International Marketing executive@XMind
Auto sync, clean layout and easy interaction. Once written, you can get access to your article from anywhere and from any devices.
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If you're not the paying sort, Medium has a mile-wide new hole in its paywall that might interest you. (But really, you should be the paying sort.) On Wednesday, Medium CEO and Twitter co-founder Ev Williams announced that Medium is tearing down its paywall for readers that visit the site thr...
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32 Alternatives to Medium 2.0

Become an information ninja. Stop losing the info you need.

Lasso believes that human curated content far exceeds that produced by algorithms. Lasso empowers people to collect and share the best content on the web. Everything collected is private by default. You can easily share with individuals, teams, friends or followers.

Most customizable labels and filters, super visual, amazing features, Chrome extension.
9 Alternatives to Lasso Content Curation

Queue up articles and schedule when you want to read them.

The way it works is you add all the articles you've got saved up and then set up a schedule for how often you'd like to be sent one of these articles.

We'll then send you an email, based on your schedule, with a link to the next article in your list. Once you read the link, we'll mark it read and queue up the next one!

We have a chrome ext too!

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This extension allows you to easily add the website your currently viewing into your reading list
Indie Hackers
Hey all! I'm Jonathan, a UX designer based in the UK. I'm here to share a small side project that I've been building with a friend, Ben, over the last few weekends. The plan was to build something and launch in one weekend but it turns out that's pretty tough, so we ended up taking a coupe of weekends instead!
10 Alternatives to Always Reading

Schedule articles you've saved to send to your inbox

ClearList tries to solve the problem we face when opening cool articles we find. Few hours later, 30+ tabs are open and still 0 article read.
Add your links, setup your timetable and it will send it at the perfect time for you on a daily basis.

12 Alternatives to ClearList

A minimal and non-overwhelming read-it-later app

An opinionated take on what should be a simple, minimal, but efficient reading app, for people who declared Pocket/Instapaper bankruptcy.

It only shows the first article in your queue, forces you to decide whether to read or archive the pages you saved, one at a time, and encourages you to let go of the old articles you procrastinate reading.

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I usually have about 90 articles in my Instapaper, and I'm OK with that. I get around to articles a month after everyone stopped talking about them. I look through my queue like it's a ten-page diner menu, ignoring certain articles for weeks until I finally decide to read or delete.
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5 Alternatives to Reading Queue

Receive weekly reminders of unread, bookmarked articles

Maillist is a bookmarking webapp and Chrome extension that allows you to save articles for later AND also sends you a weekly email with randomly selected unread articles from your list.

Marcin Michalak
Marcin Michalak- Designer
On a chosen day, in your inbox, you'll get a simple email with a list of the unread links Your links. No need to care about the list, you will be reminded of what to read every week.
5 Alternatives to Mailist

A simple book reader for Telegram 📚

Hello fellow hunters!

Here is my small side project: SendMyBookBot is a Telegram bot that keeps your books remotely and sending a portion of it on demand.

Right now it's work in progress, I have plenty of features to implement here, need to see if somebody interested besides me.

Try it out and please leave your feedback, I am happy to hear it!

9 Alternatives to SendMyBookBot

A simple and beautiful way to read Pinboard articles later

Paperback is a clean and simple way to read Pinboard articles later. It uses the Pinboard API to sync saved posts marked "to read" and formats them without ads, ugly fonts, or any of that cruft. It's a fully responsive web app with a great experience on both desktop and mobile.

10 Alternatives to Paperback
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