Alternative products to 40 Lessons from 40 years of Apple Ads

7 alternative and related products to 40 Lessons from 40 years of Apple Ads

40 Lessons from 40 years of Apple Ads
The Ads that Helped Apple Reach a $1T Market Cap 💰💰

These are the first principles of marketing that helped take Apple from a garage to a $5B spaceship.

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7 Alternatives to 40 Lessons from 40 years of Apple Ads

A time machine into Apple past

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"I totally forgot that Rihanna was used as the track for an iPad 2 guided tour. What a weird year." Sam Henri Gold was giving me a progress update on what would eventually become The Apple Archive. He had just made it to 2011. Compiled from hundreds of videos and images spanning Apple's near 44-year ...
INCREDIBLE "Dedicated to the unsung studio designers, copywriters, producers, ADs, CDs, and everyone else who creates wonderful things." Sam Henri Gold has completed the creation of his unofficial tribute to all things Apple, The Apple Archive. The Apple Archive is a collection of Apple's adverts, photos, obscure clips and more.
Last summer, Sam Henri Gold uploaded hundreds of images, videos, and other historical Apple material to Google Drive from the company's easiest days to present. The collection didn't last long. The flood of people trying to download its contents slowed the archive to a crawl, and ultimately, Gold took it down.
Want to revisit the original iPhone launch? Or every iPhone launch, for that matter? I know just the place. The Apple Archive (via 9to5Mac) is a very, very meticulous collection of Apple-related videos and images, including press photos, event videos, ads and various promotional materials. It's all totally unofficial, but still very thorough.
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A new and completely unofficial archive of all things Apple is attempting to make almost 44 years of the company's official videos, ads, and imagery available to browse online. 9to5Mac reports that The Apple Archive currently contains just under 1TB of data, comprising over 15,000 files, and it includes everything from print ads, to TV spots, WWDC sessions, … See more
7 Alternatives to The Unofficial Apple Archive
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