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Disposable Email Addresses
Top 10 Minute Mail alternatives
Speech-to-text APIs by AssemblyAI
APIs to automatically transcribe and understand audio
  • Giving away your real email address when using the Internet is not always the best choice, Get your temporary email for free in just seconds.
    🔒 Fully encrypted
    😎 Anonymous
    🚀 Unlimited and free
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    I've tried a lot of disposable email services but this one is by far the most PLEASANT to use because of how nice it looks and how fast it w…See more
  • MailDrop

    Disposable email to save your inbox from spammers
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  • Landmark

    Like a disposable email address but the mail arrives in your regular inbox and it lasts forever!

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  • Inboxkitten is an open-source disposable email service (powered by serverless kittens) that you can freely deploy / adopt on your own!

    - Github

    - Website

    Inboxkitten is built with the following

    - Vue.js for mobile friendly UI

    - Go Lang for CLI

    - Express.js for API

    - Mailgun for Mailserver

    - Firebase+GCP+TravisCI for deployment

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    As a Software developer, I often use this type of disposable email service to try out new products and services that made the email confirma…

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  • Fast and free temporary email address in 2 easy steps. Private and secure. Disposable emails that just work.

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  • Tempbox

    Tempbox is an open-source Mac app for disposable emails powered by mail.tm (A free temp mail service).

    Create disposable emails with the address of your choice (provided not taken already) or with a random address. Archive the address for later use.
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  • Email Monster

    Sign up with your real email and choose a USERNAME. Any email sent to anything (_____@USERNAME.eml.monster) will be forwarded to your real email address. Turn off any alias or sender or both.
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  • Fake Mail Generator

    An absolutely free disposable email system
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  • Maildim

    Maildim is the premier site for all things relating to temporary, disposable, and throwaway email addresses. It helps users to avoid SPAM, protect their online privacy, and stop them from having to give away their personal email addresses.
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  • ManyMe automatically provides and remembers a different address for every new registration, concealing your true identity so you can save your primary email address for family and friends.

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