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Zsombor Szabo@zssz Β· Co-founder of Berkanan πŸ—£πŸ’¬πŸ“’

After failing to πŸš€ a hyperlocal dating app, I went back to the drawing board and after 2 years of hard πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» I came up with this pivot. Please encourage πŸ™‚ or discourage ☹️ me to work further on it.

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@zssz I've done a decent amount of BT work; esp around p2p-mesh; so my first q., are you using one of the better libs out there, or did you do low level bt programming to make it cross platform?
@zxed The app is iOS only at the moment, it's not cross platform, yet. I rolled my own Bluetooth library for communication. I published the services and characteristics used: https://github.com/zssz/BerkananKit
@zssz had a 10 second glance at the OS - second question; are you aware that Core shuts down BT after sometime if the app is in background?
@zssz maybe they fixed it in 12; but I have not looked yet., here is something I had saved from before., https://medium.com/arkulpa/ios-s...
@zxed I am using central and peripheral background running modes to circumvent that problem. The only problem is that background running apps don't discover each other. But I have workaround and tricks implemented for that case too.
@zssz continuing from the other thread - I think the idea is there, but right now it seems like it is too broad of a target market. I would recommend trying to pinpoint one of those scenarios you talked about in the other thread and go after them. From the site, I think the tech is cool and it sounds interesting, but I couldn't really think of many scenarios in which I would use it. If you could highlight one of them or focus in on one area, I think that would help!