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announce Gorilla - simple workaround to wikipedia censor in Turkey

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@zozsoy I didn't realize Wikipedia was censored in Turkey. How will Gorilla work?
@rrhoover it's been blocked for over 1 year now. Pinned tweet for @wikipedia is #WeMissTurkey :( Gorilla is something I wanted for myself so I'm not faced with an error page or blocked page while I'm looking things up online. It works by simply mapping URLs to a selected mirror site, current options are 0wikipedia & wikiwand. Imgur is blocked too. if people find this convenient and use it I'll develop it further.
@zozsoy ahh, that's a real shame
@zozsoy How are you gonna handle this? Is it just a proxy?
@m1guelpf yep, just redirects to a mirror site and maps the links.