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@yannschaub Hey! I've been meaning to promote a product of mine on Reddit as well, but it got flagged (it was my first post ever). Did this ever happen to you? Would you have a few pieces of advice for sharing your product on Reddit? 🤔
Hi @noemistauffer, have you tried this subreddit yet?https://www.reddit.com/r/startup...
@noemistauffer hi Noemi. Reddit is very sensible when it comes to self-promotion. The majority of the big subreddits don't allow self promotion. But there are ways around that. Make sure to message the mods of the subreddit first and ask for permission. Here's how I did it to get permission to post on /r/Writing: "Hi guys! A friend of mine is writing a (business) book. He's got a couple of people interested in it and he's using Google Docs to capture the feedback of his "early readers". He was looking for a way to scale this up but he couldn't find a service that let him sell google doc links (Gumroad only allows to sell files, a kickstarter campaign seemed too much). So together with a friend we've started to build a web service, that helps him with collecting payments for his google docs while connecting to his early readers. We're currently researching and trying to learn from other authors if such a service would be valuable. My question: Am I allowed to "pitch" this idea on /r/writing (without posting a link to our webservice!) for research purposes? Important to note: We haven't launched yet, we're not a business yet, we're just trying to further validate our solution. Cheers, Yann" Their reply within a couple of hours: "You could ask people's opinions but you must steer clear of active promotion or making people visit a separate website to take a look." It also heavily depends on your product and the subreddit you're posting to. You want to pick an active subreddit that has a lot of traction. What kind of product is it that you're working on?
@noemistauffer @yannschaub great approach! I'll try this :)
@angeliquesocial I didn't know it, thanks for sharing!
@yannschaub Thank you so much Yann, this so helpful! I'll definitely try messaging the mods first. Will keep you posted :)
@yannschaub what are you posting on reddit?
@impishpimp I'll post about https://linksell.store - Mainly this is for research purposes and get people to challenge the service