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Need a ephemeral Status app

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Currently evaluating the idea to build a ephemeral status app (or ephemeral twitter). Here your status gets overwritten when a new one comes in.
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@vsnthv I think a separate application for this is not a very suitable solution. I should download app for view someone status, so many actions.
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@nikolay_siabrenko How about a web app? We can also integrate with all other apps through API?
@vsnthv I think it's better, who is your audience for this app?
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@nikolay_siabrenko Those who went and deleted all their older tweets last month.
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@nikolay_siabrenko @vsnthv @lmenus Like Nikolay pointed out, it'd be nice to sync automatically with Twitter so people have that as an option too; I'm not sure about Twitter's API allowing third parties to delete tweets though.
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