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Finish two books this week

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@vir_rivedieu what books are you reading? 👀
@abadesi right now, Who Owns the Future? (Lanier), The Futurological Congress (Stanisław Lem) and Life a User's Manual (Perec) 🤓 it's a weird mix
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@vir_rivedieu I haven't heard of any of those, will check them out. Which is the most interesting so far?
@abadesi the Lanier one is really interesting, especially if you're in tech. And the Futurological Congress is funny sci-fi story, so it'd recommend those two for sure
@vir_rivedieu What kind of books are you into?
@karenjaw I'm always reading more than one at the same time so it's usually one fiction and one non-fiction to balance it out 👀 You?
@vir_rivedieu I am partial to non-fiction with a few exceptions. :)