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Gain 100 subscribers for my newsletter

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@vidishajitani25 what's your newsletter about?! 😄
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@krishaan_khubchand Hey, this is about curating blogs of the big tech players. You can check it out here -
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@vidishajitani25 coool, always like learning about processes in big co.s, just gave it a sub; now you're one person closer to 100! 😎
@vidishajitani25 Great goal Vidisha. Can you share your website and the system you've put in place to get subscribers?
@vidishajitani25 have you considered doing a newsletter swap with a related brand? or giving away a digital asset for free in exchange for email addresses?
@abadesi Hey, haven't even heard about this. Thanks for the suggestion. 😃 Will try to incorporate it.
@vidishajitani25 How's this going Vidisha?
@ubersaha Have gotten few subscribers 😄 But, noway near 100 for now.. Lets see.. Thanks for asking..