Vanessa Colina
Vanessa Colina@vcolinau · Founder / UX Researcher

conduct 5-10 customer development interviews, in person

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@vcolinau Nice will you invite them to your offices? What's this for?
@abadesi thanks Abadesi! I’m meeting them at coffee shops and meetups that we are both interested in. I’m doing in-person interviews as part of the early customer development research. I want to create a platform for UX designers to collaborate on problem solving :)
@vcolinau That sounds really interesting... would that be practical problems relating to building or even just ideas / how to approach design problems?
@abadesi both! The collaboration could be at the idea level, brainstorming ways to test assumption with users or in the building phase where we are doing usability testing :)
@vcolinau Hi Vanessa! It's great to see you here. What are you working on?
@venikunche Hi Veni! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 i’m working on a platform for UX designers to show their work and collaborate. I’m looking do in-person interviews with UX designers (all levels), in-house creative recruiters and UX hiring managers. Do you know anyone in the DMV area with this profile and open to interviews? Thanks for asking!
@vcolinau Awesome. I know a few UX Designers. Let me see see if they are available.