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Start learning how to design isometric designs :D

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@vamshi4001 I wish I had a good resource to point you to. Maybe @syswarren has a suggestion?
@vamshi4001 @rrhoover I don't have tutorials to share, but I had this in my bookmarks, it's a grid you can use to start your illustrations with the "correct" perspective! Hope it helps
@vamshi4001 @rrhoover @amrith that's not real isometric illustration
@rrhoover @syswarren wow this grid itself giving a lot of thoughts to draw on it! Will give it a try. Thank you.
@rrhoover @syswarren @amrith This would be a good one for app screen showcase on a website. But will bookmark it for future use :)
@impishpimp Wow nice! I'll give it a try right now :)
@vamshi4001 @impishpimp looks like Monument Valley 😊