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🀩 convincing our director of marketing to use PH ship for a great product we are working on

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@thomaschulz Curious what product you are working on?
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@sivaram636 stay curious, hope getting back to you soon
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@alinutzav a little hint, it has to do with πŸ€– #bots
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@thomaschulz just curious: did you manage to make the widget work on mobile ? it only works on the web version of our site
@alinutzav not sure, you could check it here if it works
@thomaschulz nope it doesn't either :( i imagine that's half of traffic that gets lost. I wonder why it doesn't work
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@thomaschulz how did you conversation go? were you able to convince?
@thomaschulz it's a great tool. don't hesitate to use it.