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Reaching out to our potential speakers for our digital healthcare conference healthetia

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@thomaschulz where is the conference taking place? I know a few people in that space if that can help. Feel free to send me a DM. :)
@anthilemoon Thanks Anne-Laure - it's online :) check
@thomaschulz Oh cool that makes it easy, great idea! Let me know if you need help finding more speakers and in particular female speakers, I'd be happy to help.
@anthilemoon That's excactly what we are aiming to - how about you? We are looking for innovations in healthcare, check our previous talks here
@thomaschulz I'm not speaking at any events for now to focus on a couple projects, but I know quite a few fantastic women in the healthcare/healthtech industry who could be a good fit. I'll send over DM. :)