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Finish 25th book for 2018 by the end of August

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@thekitze Wow, that's amazing. Do you have a very long commute, or what's your strategy? Trying to do a couple per month, sometimes more, but I don't think I could manage much more than that.
@anthilemoon Thanks! I'm reading 30min to 1hr before sleep. I'm also listening to audiobooks while walking my dog, working out, shopping, walking, etc. Also I'm traveling a lot because for my workshops so I'm using every plane and train trip to read.
@thekitze That makes sense. It's amazing you get to read so much, I'm jealous. :)
@thekitze Nice! I'm on 22 at the moment... maybe I'll try and catch up with you! Of the 25 so far which has really left a lasting impression on you?
@abadesi Thanks. Add me on goodreads -> I loved "Anything You Want" by Derek Sivers, "Crushing it" by Gary Vee, and currently my mind is getting blown by "His Dark Materials". It's just amazing!