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@thekitze good luck :) - fee free to share drafts with us for feedback if you want!
@thekitze have you tried before? I recently used it to make a landing page in just a few minutes. Not sure if you want to make it all yourself but it might be worth a look! Like @leobassam said, if you want some feedback on drafts let us know! edit: having looked at sizzy I take it you'll probably build it yourself. I like the concept of the site, but only understood the use after typing in a URL. I would suggest coming up with a one-liner explanation of the benefits for the user. "See what your website looks like on every possible configuration, at the same time" or something like that!
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@thekitze Woah this is really cool! I've definitely felt that pain point of trying to see what my website looks like across devices
@thekitze It's a good idea because asking to enter an URL without knowing why is disturbing Love your design, feel free to share your landing page here then :)
@thekitze Congrats on making the landing page! The page looks good via the site you posted! I'm new on Product Hunt, and learning how to post this morning and now the Makers page lol! Keep it up!