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@thedreamydryad what topics are you planning to write about?
Thanks for asking, @rrhoover! So, Re.Now ( is the online mentorship platform that we are building for experienced remote workers and digital nomads to connect with those aspiring for the location independent lifestyle. We have selected the first round of 20 mentors. We have a questionnaire (on the lines of Proust questionnaire) that we sent out to our mentors so that everybody can get to know them better. Our blog posts are going to feature their answers :)
@rrhoover : Here's the link to the blog: Would love for you to take a look :)
@thedreamydryad would love to read this. I've been wanting to try the digital nomad thing
@p_mbanugo Will be publishing one today. Shall share the link here :)
@p_mbanugo Here's the link Peter: Do let me know if the ideas shared are useful :) Would also love to understand if you have any specific topics that you'd want to know more about. We'd love to write about it! :)
@thedreamydryad hi. you sent me link to a slack channel. Do I join the slack before being able to read it?
@p_mbanugo Super sorry! Edited my message above. Repasting the correct link here: :)