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Wear sunscreen regularly this week (its a habit now!)

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@thedevarsh So important! It's easy to forget to wear sunscreen in our day to day but if we're out in the sun, even if it doesn't feel super hot, we should be wearing it.
@thedevarsh @ems_hodge what kind do you guys use? I just listened to a podcast episode yesterday that was discussing sunscreen. I have not worn it regularly--only when I know I'll be in the sun a lot and want to avoid burning.
@thedevarsh @forgemyhealth I have sunscreen in my daily primer or BB cream so it's built onto my daily routine (to have on my face at least). I'd suggest getting a light moisturiser that contains SPF that you can wear everyday and just apply as part of your normal routine.
@thedevarsh I don't like the feeling of sunscreen on my face, but that's the most important area to cover. I have used makeup with SPF 15 in the past and it didn't feel like sunscreen at all! I don't wear makeup though so I wonder if they make the same stuff but in cream form, without color/makeup. I just want my face to feel sticky :)