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Week #4 - stick to creating an enduring portfolio that outlasts me

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@thedevarsh Haha, so that humanoids can look at it and appreciate you?
@harowitzblack yea that's the selfish aspect. More importantly, I have come to realize the power of compound growth recently. I just want give back our species a gift that keeps on giving like a tree because it gave me a privilege to be one of it.
@thedevarsh That's very nice to hear. I'm reading this book called "The compound effect", have you read it? If not, you should. It's got some solid advice in it. And What are you going to add to your portfolio? I'm curious :)
@harowitzblack just looked it up. Seems interesting. As for portfolio, I don't name securities or assets specifically but I comment on decisions & context each week on Makers.
=> I see some success in having an uncorrelated portfolio to the benchmark. Will continue to have it going forward for at least a few months (unless stock market melts up or corrects). => No impulse buys / sells + build a larger cash position. My view is volatility is about to increase in Q3 / Q4. Why not take benefit of institutional investor trades? => Hit another portfolio milestone which is kinda cool. => My largest holdings are still trading at a discount to their underlying assets. Waiting for market is hard. Also, I have no other good ideas to trade those holdings with. => S&P 500 hit a new high which is worrying but I have no choice but to be cautiously optimistic. => Certain sectors are still cheap like tech once was after 2001 Dotcom burst, which is a relief. Tides will turn with onset of new regulations / tariffs / innovations in their favor. P.S. My birthday is in a few weeks so I am planning for a major trade by then as gift to my future self. Wish me luck!