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Finish reading 14th book of 2018 & share my thoughts on it

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@anthilemoon i read a bunch of books simultaneously so I am not sure which one. Like my 13th book, I plan to share my thoughts on 14th book too once I complete it. It’s too early to tell as I just finished 13th earlier today.
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@thedevarsh awesome, looking forward to reading about it when you're done.
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Book #14 How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams is a page turner nonfiction that is exactly about what the title says. Adams uses anecdotes from his own life with a sprinkle of data to substantiate his concepts. He also outlines simple experiments that readers can try to better their own lives. Only chapters that bore me a bit were about health / fitness, since he digressed a bit. Otherwise, it was an awesome 📖.