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Week #16 - stick to creating an enduring portfolio that outlasts me

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=> Portfolio yield (annualized) is less than 0% again (not significant enough to review strategy) this week. => There is a lot of cash sitting on sidelines and big money seems to be re-balancing their portfolios. => There is a lot of uncertainty in the securities market due to tariff concerns and American domestic political changes. => Most of the portfolio holdings seem to be trading at a discount to their fair values (in my opinion). => Bearish price action seen again in crypto markets which had an effect on the return. => Portfolio is performing better than current benchmark MSCI ACWI but worse than former and one of the most followed index S&P 500 TR. => I increased allocation to a telecommunication company that is trading at a significant discount to its public market holdings. => I sold out of a small position where my due diligence was not proper and market price was good enough to sell out. => As I explained in my blog post previously, no standard benchmark can work for comparison due to allocation to cryptocurrencies such as BTC and companies domiciled outside of United States. So, I will be discussing portfolio with both indices because of this context going forward.