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Write blog post on "5 do's and don'ts of team retros"

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@taykcrane I am really excited to see this post! I would love to read it when you are done.
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@jamesstewart sure, happy to. Curious, where does your interest come from? Do you have a particular affinity for retros? Would love to find a way to get your general advice on my side project (not launched yet).
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@taykcrane I have only just started looking into retrospectives as it allows me to ensure that contractors are motivated, and feel a sense of worth and responsibility in my startup. We don't do anything elaborate, but retrospectives have so far been a great success. You can DM me on Twitter https://twitter.com/@jamesg_oca if you want feedback on your side project.
@jamesg_oca @jamesstewart That's awesome and great to hear. I'll definitely share the blog post with you then and will ping you soon once the app is closer to complete. Looking forward to your thoughts.
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