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Write blog posts about themes discussed in podcast with Keith Rabois

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@stewart_alsop which podcast is this? We're rebooting the Product Hunt podcast and would love to explore how we can create more written content around each episode.
@rrhoover Here is an example of one that I did a written transcription of where I translated conversation style to article style. It is time consuming to say the least:
@rrhoover Here is an example of a short medium post with a short audio clip attached which links back to my site. This is what I was thinking of doing for the Rabois episode. Cutting it into awesome clips and then posting out to Medium:
@stewart_alsop I like that. We'll probably do something similar for our podcast. cc @pottsjustin
@stewart_alsop @pottsjustin @rrhoover I'm starting a podcast too and looking into tools that help launch it – is there a Product Hunt collection about it? :) Anything you recommend to record, host, distribute?