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Decide whether or not to quit my day job

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@siweikang Good luck with that decision! This is always a big step to leave a secure day job.
@amandineflachs thanks😊 financial security is one aspect, I’m also not sure if I’m mentally prepared. I’ve never experienced working for months just by yourself without any external validation...
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@siweikang Why do you want to quit?!
@dayaldave for two reasons, one is that my app has picked up a bit of traction lately. I think I am close to finding PMF so I would like to spend more time and energy on it. I would proabably regret it if I didn’t give it my 100%. The other reason is that my app is in similar space as my employer, I worry that at some point there might be potential conflict of interest.
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@dayaldave @siweikang consult a lawyer! if the light is green, go for it!! :)
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@siweikang All the best! But be careful... Remember that there's a thin line between success and failure.
@siweikang Tough one. Use the regret minimization framework by Jeff Bezoz. It will make the decision easier.
@siweikang This one can also be useful:
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@siweikang I use this tool when making important decisions: https://programs.clearerthinking...