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Make the SQLite database useful

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@satwaya Move to PostgreSQL
@aaron_kazah Give me reason. I won't tell you to leave your country to visit mine without telling you why
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@satwaya I assumed you used SQLite because it's what you started with since it was relatively easy to set up but I also assumed it was for building Walk (production). Long story short, if you plan to have an application with multiple users or an application with high write volumes (constantly updating the db) then SQLite will fail you at some point. This article is a pretty good read. That said, if you told me to visit France, I'd come anytime ;)
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@aaron_kazah Well, thanks for the explanation! In fact I'm using MySQL for Walk and it's what I use in most of my projects since the beginning. I moved to SQLite for building a new mobile app as advised by levelsio Haha, loved your latest sentence :)
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