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Find good free or cheap subdomain hosting with HTTPS

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@sam_robbins Namecheap gives student discounts, that might be useful for you!
@sam_robbins GitHub Education Pack includes free domain(.me) with SSL and 50$ on digitalocean and more other things.
@sam_robbins check Heroku, Netlify, github pages
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@arthur_tkachenko Thanks, they all look great, do you know of any like that which will also host a database?
@sam_robbins heroku have a small (~450mb) free plans for mLab addon(mongoDB)
@arthur_tkachenko Awesome, thanks, I was having a better look at heroku, and it looks great, thanks, you've been really helpful
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@arthur_tkachenko @sam_robbins My favorite free setup is Netlify for webapp + Firebase firestore for database. If you need MongoDB, mLab is great as @sam_robbins suggests. DynamoDB has a wide free tier too.
@sam_robbins @itsarnavb i agree. but i use netlify only for testing frontend part only. and Heroku has inside a mLab addon - so it give me a free hosting/domain + small mongo database