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[FM] Naming my next side project

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@rohandey Naming a product is a hard task. While choosing a name, so many variables are in play like how much user can decipher product from name, does it resonates, is it cool enough ;) etc. I am in current batch of YC SUS and in one of the lessons speaker said, to not fall in love with the name (in context of copyrights and legal). So while you doing the hard part of coming up with the name, you might as well do a bit of research whether a product with same name already exists. Will save pain later Good luck
@rohandey what's the project about? Maybe look for specific keywords and list them out. Try combining the words or if your looking for an exotic name just translate that word into a language (like Japanese or greek)
Name decided, started coding on the app will reveal in couple of months
@rohandey Cool! What name did you decide in the end?
@abadesi damn I didn't want to disclose this but don't want to sound cringe by avoiding this question ..... So here is the announcement - Forty Minutes
@rohandey That's cool because it could stand for so many things! The length of time.. some significant time event.. etc etc !!