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Translate a few articles into Hebrew

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@razkarmi That is so cool! What's the article about?
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@harowitzblack Cyber Security explained simply so anyone can understand the threats
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@harowitzblack @razkarmi Good luck translating! It's cool to have resources available in our native language, love your initiative :)
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@razkarmi That's great! Love what you are doing man :) Is there a tutorial in English? I'd love to read it if you have one.
@harowitzblack there are a few similar to this one: https://thycotic.com/resources/w... but i am looking at making it more graphically and with more real world examples.
@razkarmi Thanks! I'll check it out. And good luck with the translations :)
@razkarmi Awesome! How would you translate "Cyber Security" in Hebrew? :)